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16 november 2022

Milou Tabor, 26 years old, has been working as a sales support employee at Rolande for over two years. Since the start of her career at Rolande, where she mainly manages the customer database and everything around the onboarding of new employees, Milou has worked from the Rolande office at The Rise. 

Rolande’s office is located on the 7th floor of The Rise. Milou feels socially connected to her colleagues in this office environment. According to Milou, you can easily reach out to colleagues through the intercom. Rolande focuses on gas stations across the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. As the market leader in the Netherlands, Rolande has well-known customers such as PostNL and Albert Heijn. The gas stations are the LNG stations, where only LNG, bio LNG, and CMB are sold. LNG is stored at a temperature as low as -160 degrees as a liquid gas; this reduces C02emissions. LNG provides a total of 20% fewer emissions. Bio LNG provides 100% fewer emissions, the most sustainable alternative!

''When I step into The Rise, I am always impressed by the good vibe of the place.'' 

Working at The Rise 

When asked how Milou experiences working at TheRise, she mentioned its ideal location. Living in Tilburg, The Rise is a perfect distance to cycle to work, but for colleagues outside of Tilburg, the office building is easily accessible from the A58. On entering the building, a warm greeting from the staff of Prins Heerlijk follows, causing a feel-good factor to start your working day. As previously mentioned, the office
environment at The Rise makes her feel socially connected. According to Milou, this is because she can easily reach out to colleagues through the intercom.

''I prefer working in the office to working from home because I feel more energized with people around me.'' 


All employees at Rolande have one hour a day for exercise. Milou explains that the employees can easily engage in physical activities in the great gym facility at The Rise. This facility is fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy a great workout. There are showers,and everything is at hand to help you go directly to your next meeting. Since the start of 2022, the gym has had two new trainers, so it’s now possible to work out even on weekends!

“Working out at The Rise is great. Even on the weekends, you can hit the gym!” 

Prins Heerlijk & Locals 

Earlier, Milou mentioned the friendly greetings from the staff of Prins Heerlijk every morning. Rolande employees always enjoy lunch in their office at The Rise. Prins Heerlijk provides a buffet, ensuring that Rolande employees enjoy their lunch hassle-free. They also facilitate all necessities for meetings and gatherings; they even hand over mail personally! Almost all Rolande customers comment on how much they liked the service of Prins Heerlijk.

“I'm glad Rolande is based at The Rise. The facilities offer many benefits to both the company and me as an employee.” 



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