‘The Rise is an ideal base for a countrywide
operating company such as ASEGA’

ASEGA makes content with impact

8 september 2022 · Tenants

The third floor of The Rise is a bustling environment with a lot of activity from the many companies that are there. ASEGA is a content marketing agency full of creative talent, specializing in content marketing, social media, and branding & strategy. We meet managing director/co-owner Frank van Bergen. 

There are days when content managers, photographers, and camera operators come and go in the early mornings on the third floor. They discuss with the project managers what will happen that day, what the video or photo shoot must meet, and the last ideas discussed. Then they hit the road and spread all over the country.

Work from home

ASEGA's team works partly from home, partly on location, and partly in the office. Frank: “The central location of The Rise is very convenient for us. It's the perfect operating base for a nationally operating company such as ASEGA. It is also very flexible in terms of workspaces. When we need a little more space on some days, we book meeting rooms, for example. Even our customers regularly book meeting rooms at The Rise.”

“ASEGA works on projects for various clients across the country,” says Frank. “Our main focus lies on retail real estate communication. To put it simply: ASEGA provides online communication for a lot of shopping centers in the Netherlands. “This means we provide all website content, create photo and video content on-site, take care of social media marketing for them, and much more. We also provide various content in-center, such as animations on Ocean screens and signage.”

Many other companies and organizations also find their way to ASEGA. For example, these companies seek support in content marketing issues, need help with design work, or want to outsource their social media activities. Frank: “It is also possible that they turn to us as a solution for capacity problems in their marketing department. We have many years of intensive cooperation with our customers."

Remote marketing 

The team of twenty professionals thus works as a remote marketing department. “We mainly take a lot of work off your hands,” says Frank. “We manage your social media for you or come up with catchy and high-impact campaigns. We create content for your online campaigns, social media, white papers, or magazines.”

After several lockdowns and working from home, Frank is happy that the team has been able to work and meet at the office again this year. "It's cool to see them in action, how all these committed, young professionals work hard to achieve the best for our customers every day. It's a great group of people."

ASEGA works for various national and international companies such as real estate investment companies, Wereldhave, RegioBank, Klépierre, Sunstar Gum, Johnson Controls and AM Vastgoed. 



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